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   It is important to stress, that there are no books or written materials regarding the area. This research work is therefore the only research material available as a whole, and is hoped to be helpful for city authorities and cultural heritage institution. It has already helped to open a discussion about the future of the area occupying the most dense city centre, therefore being part of great economical interest. There is considerable amount of discussion and great number of arguments for and against protecting the area and preserving its original medieval form. It is very attractive, with lots of empty non-built space; however, some people are quick to point out that narrow medieval streets and small buildings cannot "follow" contemporary way of living. During the work a number of unique findings were made. The most important ones were: a relief of "Mother of Christ" from 16th century, two plague signs unique for Slovenia and information about a chapel on an island which existed in 16th century on the river.

Typicall image in 19th century Typicall image in 20th century