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   The settlement has the form of a square and it was probably carefully planned. Disposition of one-floor houses, perpendicular to the roads is common to most of the streets. Usually the entrance to the building is on the longer side, from a small passage between two neighbours. Houses have three windows looking out to the street which are remainders of a medieval rules about shop windows. Almost every house has a backyard and a garden in the back. That kind of building disposition was typical for most of the Ljubljana's suburbs, but it has remained only in Krakovo. In the southern and eastern part buildings and gardens have different size. The examination of building date revealed that they were made in different time periods (much later than the rest of the settlement). Because of the traffic and narrow streets there were stones on the corners of the houses, which served as bumpers. Instead of numbers houses had names, some of which are used even nowadays. It is worth to mention the street lamp from 18th century . it was one of six lamps lightning the city at that time.

 Disposition and position of settlement

   It is a commonly known fact that the position of a settlement defines the relation between its parts or between typical parts and communications.

   Settlements formed along a street usually have green covered outside facade, while the inside facade (the one facing the street) it the most important one. The .back side. relates to fields behind the house. The origins of that type of urban form are evoking from medieval colonial villages, and event today this type is appearing when extending smaller settlements or organising new groups of buildings for intensive use of agrarian areas along streets for trading. Although Krakovo does not match all of the above mentioned characteristics, it is possible to recognise the most important ones here. The form as a whole is not elongated as it is usual for that type, because it didn.t developed along important trading street. The function of trading connection was taken over by the near river.

 Functional and content specification - forming of settlement

   Taking a look at the forming of settlement helps us explaining more detailed characteristics of Krakovo. The development of settlements in Slovenia was influenced by the level of agrarian colonisation, economical structure and morphology of land. Since 19th century, besides typical rural settlements, there were other types deriving from special activities (transportation, iron-working, tourist areas) or special roles (markets). Krakovo is classified as a .market. settlement. Because of its location close to the city centre, one cannot speak about independent market, although its characteristics can be found here. It was typical for a market settlement in the Middle Ages to have the right for trading and craft, but it did not have its own government or rights for city-walls.

 Individual streets:

   Detailed research about individual streets has been made: historical and urban development, building patterns and forming of street sides, interesting historical information. Each streets has its own character, that is the most noticeable in building types and its characteristics. The research examined those details and other typical characteristics.